Off Camera Lighting

Today's flash systems have amazing technology allowing creative lighting to be used with your camera system. Learn how this is done, along with accessories best used to allow dramatic results. Also understand the settings in your camera that allow the flash work for you. This workshop includes theory and practical aspects.

Have you ever wanted to take your dedicated flash unit off your camera and use it effectively and creatively as an additional light source?

Today’s dedicated flash units are so versatile, powerful and sophisticated they can be used effectively in almost any aspect of photography. David Slaughter’s Off Camera Flash Techniques workshop will demonstrate how to get the best from your flash system, from using single and multiple flash units to fill flash and other lighting techniques. Professionalize your flash photography to ensure your images stand out against the rest.

  • When:
  • Where:, Spring, Texas
  • Price: $195
Off Camera Lighting
Off Camera Lighting
Off Camera Lighting

Features & Info

Off Camera Lighting

What you need to start shooting with an off camera flash

Basic equipment and tools

You will need the following equipment:
  • DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) or Mirror-Less camera: This is the standard shooting apparatus for professional photography. The single lens design of this camera provides the viewfinder with an accurate image as captured by the camera’s sensor.
  • Standard or Zoom lens: A lens with focal length between 50 and 85 mm. You’ll be able to shoot landscapes, portraiture, and glamour easily using these type of lenses.
  • Flash: Lighting is a key element in portraiture photography and many beginners can initially handle and work with a single flash unit. As you gain more experience and skill in lighting units, you’ll be able to handle additional small flashes.
  • Lighting stand: This accessory allows you to get your flash off your camera and to move your flash around the subject.
  • Off Camera Lighting

    This one-day intensive workshop will teach you:

  • The benefits of off-camera flash
  • Helpful tools for this type of photography
  • How to set up your camera properly for off-camera flash
  • How to quickly set up systems that are effective and creative
  • How to take portraits with small flash
  • How to use fill flash to soften harsh shadows
  • See examples of images finished in Photoshop
  • Work with ISO to gain improved output
  • Access the manual capabilities of both the camera and flash units for reliable and consistent output.
  • Off Camera Lighting

    Location and Studio set-up

    We will be working with speedlights and a variety of light modifiers in our studio hangar as well as on a variety of outdoor locations aroung the hangar.

    Outdoor locations include:

  • On property lake with dock
  • Aircraft
  • Variety of metal and wood buildings
  • Gates and Fences
  • Industrial equipment

  • These sets will allow us to photograph a variety of styles from street wear, grunge, swim wear to lingerie.

    I had never really used my speedlight much less ever taken it off my camera. I attended this workshop and quickly realized that with just a couple of speedlights I could vastly increase my lighting options around my home studio and on location. This workshop has benefited my photography in so many ways, I am so pleased with the vast improvements I have seen in my works.
    ~ Paul M

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    More workshop info

    (OCL) Off Camera Lighting Photography Course
    One Day Photography Workshop:
    SUBJECTS OF INSTRUCTION: How to use Speedlights off your camera
    DURATION: 10AM – 5PM
    DATE: JANUARY 23, 2016
    STUDIO LOCATION: Aircraft Hangar
    MODELS PROVIDED: up to 3 Glamour Models (Photographer to model ratio of 4:1)
    Professional make-up provided by Samantha Mua Loesch
    Hair Styling provided by Billy Jones


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